Project Patchwork Hexies Everywhere! 

  It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on Miss O’s Hexie Quilt, though I’m happy to say that after almost 11 months working on this project I’ve finally found my rhythm! The Quilt now measures 42x 37 inches at its widest points and is finally starting to look more like it will one day be a real life single bed quilt rather than a table runner! Over the last couple of weeks whilst Mr L has been home on school holidays things have progressed faster than ever, in fact the quilt is now 40% bigger than it was before the holidays. I’m even quetly confident that I migh just be able to have at least the top together before Miss O’s Birthday next May, just don’t hold me to it!   After attending the Sydney Quilt show a few weeks back I finally got myself a sewline glue pen, and let me tell you that handy little stick of glue has made SUCH a difference in my progress. When I was starting this project I was hand cutting my papers then hand basting my hexies which is an incredibly time intensive process, now I am simply using precut hexies and glue basting which allows me to spend the time I was with basting and cutting on piecing. And let me tell you those little pre cut paper hexies and glue pens are worth every cent for the time they save!   I’m now able to get a panel sewn together and joined to the main body in just over a week, (the quilt currently has 5 panels) including any extra basting needed to get in all the patterns from my stash. If only I had bought that glue pen sooner!  



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  1. Wow! That’s going to be just stunning!


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