Sewing Projects A Little Gem The Oliver and S Tea Party Sundress Revisited 

Ever since I finished Miss O’s first Oliver and S Tea Party Sundress some months back it has remained a firm favourite, for both Miss O and myself.   Just as I had hoped when I made it it works as well as a winter tunic as a summer sundress. It’s the perfect little girls dress! So when I realised I had just enough of this stunning Liberty Jewel Print (It’s Alexandra A from DuckaDilly fabrics for anyone who is as taken as I was with it!) for the bodice and hem facings all that was needed to get things under way was to find the perfect fabric for the skirt. I originally had plans to use a chambray though when I stumbled on this beautiful Marc Jacobs foil print denim at The Fabric Store I knew I had to have it! What could be a better combination than gemstones and gold!  The pattern came together like a dream, taking a little over 3 hours from start to finish. I sewed it up in a straight size 2 which looks like it should get our little Miss well into summer. I really like the structure that the denim skirt and bodice lining gives this little dress. And whilst the hem facings aren’t seen in these photos they are such a special touch, and definitely one of my favourite features of Oliver and S patterns.   I can definitely see more of these little dresses being made in the future. Any dress that can be made in less time than it takes to buy one is definitely a winner in my book!      



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