Project Patchwork Getting organised the Liberty way! 

 After a good 9 months working on Miss O’s hexie quilt the time had come to finally admit that the Ladurée box which had once held all I needed for quilting on the go so flawlessly has long since past being useful. So equipt with a stunning new pile of Liberty fat 16ths I picked up from The Strawberry Theif at the Sydney craft and quilt fair along with some old favourites from my stash I decided to finally make myself a sewing case!    After lots of Pinterest research I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted I knew I wanted a nice big clear pouch for storing all my hexies and spaces for all my bits and pieces, and I definitely needed a pin cushion! I decided to roughly base the size of the case on my iPad mini, as I knew it would comfortably fit on my bags for quilting on the go as well as being big enough to comfortably fit everything I need. Whist I would love to say I carefully designed everything before starting out this was most definitely not the case! The case slowly evolved organically as I worked, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.   I love that all the fabrics in this piece have stories of there own, the Liberty rose made from a scrap from Miss O’s birthday dress, the binding is from a dress I made for myself whilst pregnant with Miss O, Tiny 1/2 inch hexies made with fabrics from both Miss O’s and my Nieces quilts and the beautiful hexie pincushion made from a scrap from a stunning selection gifted to me by my wonderful Instagram and blogging friend Blogless Anna. This case it’s fabric and there stories make me smile, it just captures every I love about paper piecing, and I’m sure it will make me very happy for many years to come.      


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