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 As soon as I saw the Flutter tunic pop up in my Instagram feed last week I knew I needed to have it in my wardrobe. Everything about it was right, I even had the perfect fabric sitting in my stash waiting for a home and after my favourite Gorman Tunic dress sadly came to the end of it’s days a few weeks ago it would be put to great use filling a much missed wardrobe gap! I purchased this fabric a few months ago during The Fabric Store’s sale, and came very close to making it up into a Named patterns Vanamo Skirt, even getting as far as printing and cutting the pdf, though for some reason it just didn’t seem to want to be made. The Flutter Tunic couldn’t have been more of a different story. As soon as I saw the pattern I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and somehow managed to print assemble and cut the pattern, as well as squeeze in a trip to the fabric store to purchase my leather all before school pick up!  I’ve been obsessed with the idea of sewing with leather for some time now though the thought of jumping straight in to sewing a fully leather garment just seemed a little too daunting. The moment I saw the Flutter Tunic I instantly knew I needed to use leather for the contrasting binding, partly as a gentle introduction to sewing with leather but mostly as a simple black bias tape was in no way special enough for this fabric. And whilst I seriously thought twice when I saw the $55 price tag on the perfect black leather at the fabric store, I’m glad I went through with buying it. This pattern couldn’t have been more of a dream to sew, cut directly from the pattern it fit like a glove. And whilst I initially thought I may need to lengthen the pattern a little from the picture on Papercut Patterns website, it turned out to be the perfect length for me without any changes. I sewed my Flutter tunic up using Hong Kong seams for the centre back, shoulder seams and armscye seams, finished the side seams with a French seam and used bias tape over a double folded hem to reduce bulk. Whilst all these seam finishes added quite some time to the project, it still came together easily in a couple of evenings. And besides there is always something special about a garment looking as good on the inside as out. The leather tape was a dream to sew, much to my surprise, so thin and soft it added exactly the right touch to the tunic, with the results far exceeding my expectations. It’s always so nice when an idea comes together so perfectly! I can definitely see room for more variations of this perfect pattern in my wardrobe, with plans for either a linen or chambray version in the works. The Flutter Tunic is an instant favourite, up there with Miss O’s Forest Path Cape. It’s always so refreshing to find a pattern that not only fits perfectly but feels so right to wear, particularly after becoming a mother. I just can’t wait to get my hands on more of the Papercut Patterns designs!     



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  1. New THAT is nice! The word tunic normally makes me shudder but this is something else. Not mums or floral but fab. 10/10 for fabric choice


  2. I love papercut patterns. I sewed up my very own watson jacket from them and I adore it. Your tunic is great I love your fabric choice, well done !! 🙂


  3. Where did you find the leather bias? What’s the brand name?….I would love to use it for my own!


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