Project Patchwork Fancy Foxes everywhere! 

  After months of seemingly endless work I have finally passed the magical half way point on Miss O’s (now) fully reversible Fancy Fox/ Hexagon madness Liberty London quilt. It’s amazing how things always seems so much more achievable once they are over half way! 

I love this pattern! So quick and easy to sew togeather and only taking 1.2 meters of Liberty Tana Lawn in 20cm strips to make. And whilst I ended up spending just as much on material to complete the back than if I had gone with my original plan of backing it in Tana Lawn the results are well and truly worth the effort and expense. Theses fancy foxes allow each Liberty print room to breathe and best of all allow the beauty and complexity of the hand pieces hexagons on the reverse to shine. This is one project I can’t wait to see finished! 


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