Project Patchwork Piecing things togeather

After months of seemingly endless basting, things are finally starting to come togeather with Miss O’s quilt. With the piecing of the front started and having finally made a decision on backing ( if I can even call it that considering the quilt will now be fully reversible) I finally feel like this project is going somewhere! For some time now I have been eyeing off Elizabeth Hartman’s Fancy Fox Quilt Pattern (which can be purchaced from her online store here) it was just one of those perfect temptations that kept popping up in my Instagram feed. I knew I needed to make it, though it only occurred to use it for this project on a recent trip to Tessuti Chatswood where I stumbled upon the perfect mix of Liberty fabrics that were in desperate need of a good home! Being the first quilting pattern I have ever used I am so excited at just how quickly and easily the pattern is coming togeather. The simplicity of the pattern not only allows each of the Liberty prints to sing, it balances the extravagance of the hexagons on the reverse perfectly. Though best of all these Fancy Foxes are providing a much needed break from the seemingly endless task of piecing 1 inch hexagons and getting me past that all important half way point on a seemingly endless project.



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  1. Wow! It’s going to be beautiful!


  2. Love all those Liberty fabrics! The quilt is gorgeous 🙂

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