Sewing Projects Oliver and S Forest Path Cape

When I spotted this stunning coating on the remnant table last week at Tessuti Chatswood, I knew I needed to give it a home. So incredibly soft and warm I was hoping it would be big enough for a cape for Miss O, and as luck would have it it was! With only the addition of a centre seam to the neck facing needed to make it work, and the perfect piece of liberty in my stash that has been waiting for a home since before Miss O was born this project was ment to be.

 I chose to make this cape  in a size 2, a full 2 sizes bigger than Miss O’s Chanel inspired Forest Path Cape which fits her tiny frame perfecty for a few reasons. To allow both room for growing as well as warm woolly jumpers on cold winters days, and most importantly as it was the largest size that the remnant would allow.

I top stitched the seams open  on both the neck facing and the shoulder seams so as to ensure the seam allowances behave during washing, a necessary consideration with any piece sewn for a toddler. I couldn’t be happier with this top stitching. It adds a subtle yet refined and professional detail and echos the edge stitching beautifully. It also adds a bit of structure to the shoulder that allows the cape to sit perfectly.

I decided on the hook and eye closure for this cape after being inspired by a ready to wear cape I own. I just love the simplicity of two perfectly matched edges effortlessly held togeather. With the most stunningly simple natural shell buttons sewn, another fabulous Tessuti find of course, this cape couldn’t be more perfect. If only it fit me. 


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