Sewing Projects  Liesl and co Everyday Skirt

As I was standing at the counter paying for my stunning blue silk cotton blend last weekend at The Fabric Store in Surry Hills, I spotted the most prefect wool I have ever seen, sitting behind the counter reserved. For someone else. I left my name and crossed my fingers they would leave enough behind for a skirt, and as luck would have it that afternoon I was ordering myself a 1.8 metre piece of perfection! I didn’t think my luck could get any better when the next morning I returned home from running some errands to discover my parcel already on my doorstep, with the fabric more glorious than I remembered. 

Now being the massive Oliver and S fan that I am I have been dying to try out the Liesl co pattern range for some time. And whilst I was a little worried that the Everyday Skirt pattern wasn’t quite special enough for this fabric, the truth is as a stay at home Mum to 2 kids it was exactly the type of skirt I needed. Easy to wear, with pockets and an elastic waist band at the back that I can take in when I farewell the final few kilos of baby weight. Able to be dressed up but relaxed enough for running after 2 busy children. It is, as is always the case with Liesl’s patterns, perfect. 

This skirt couldn’t have been any simpler with it sewn togeather easily in an evening dispite the added complication of Hong Kong bound seams throughout, and a hand sewn hem. The pattern instructions are easy to follow and dispite being a very simple design, the details are well refined, taking a simple skirt and making it something special. The Hong Kong seams whilst adding a significant amount of time and effort to this project are a detail I am very proud of, it’s always nice knowing something looks as good on the inside as out, and whilst I can’t wait to get an overlocker, I’m sure I will always take the time to bind the seams on pieces like this. Some things are just worth the effort.   



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  1. springystitches March 29, 2015 — 1:12 pm

    Wow, what gorgeous fabric! Your Hong Kong seams are really neat – beautiful inside and out! 🙂


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