Sewing Projects Named Patterns Kanerva Peplum Blouse

I have been eyeing off the range from named patterns for a number of months now. And with a wedding to attend in just a few weeks, the Named Patterns Kanerva peplum blouse was perfect for the occasion. 

Sewn using a beautiful navy blue silk cotton blend I found at The Fabric Store this Kanerva blouse has a quite the Mad Men feel to it. The pattern required very little in the way of alterations, with just a slight widening of the sleeves for comfort, stitching the back closure shut and sewing on decorative buttons at the back along with dropping the neck line at the front by a couple of centimetres being the only changes I made.

I am really looking forward to wearing this blouse and I am sure it will become a winter favorite, and I can’t wait to get my new machine for my birthday to sew another couple of variations in stretch fabrics! 


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