Project Patchwork A Quilt for Dolly


There is something about making use of fabric scraps that makes me happy. So when Miss O’ Great Grandmother decided to buy a bed for Dolly for her upcoming second birthday it seemed like the perfect opportunity to put the tiny scraps of Liberty in my stash to good use!

For months now I have been drawn to the amazing modern quilts that have been popping up in my Pinterest feed. Bright, fresh and perfect in there simplicity. I just needed the perfect excuse to make one of my own, and I am so glad I found that excuse! Made using 83 tiny half inch hexagons individually quilted onto a fresh white background, this little quilt was a delight to make, and best of all looks amazing. And whilst it may seem a little extravagant for a dolls quilt I’m sure that this will be a toy that will be played with for many years to come.




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  1. Lovely! This quilt is adorable. How did you sew on the hexies? Raw edge applique? I need to make one of these next

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