Project Patchwork Miss O’s Go Everywhere Pram Quilt

I purchased the fabric for this quilt at the same time as I purchased the fabric for Miss O’s cot quilt from Tessuti in Melbourne, and two years on I am even more in love with them than ever.

Made up of 3 inch squares of Liberty Tresco C and Pointillism B, backed with a purple linen for strength and durability, and bound in Chartreuse Mokuba fold over stretch binding, the colours in this quilt make my heart sing. This quilt has been through a lot, it kept my Baby girl warm on her trip home from NICU, it has been the perfect play mat on many trips to the park, and kept little legs warm on cold days. Yet despite countless trips through the wash still continues to look as good as the day I finished it. The perfect modern day heirloom.



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