The Great Cubby Renovation

Since the arrival of the Mr L and Miss O’s cubby house on Christmas morning we have been undertaking the biggest project of their little lives. The Great Cubby Renovation. When the cubby arrived on Christmas morning it was little more than a blank canvas with only the couch and the stove inside. Renovating it became the perfect summer holiday activity.

Being a huge fan of anything to do with renovating, Mr L was beyond excited and filled with ideas. We decided on painting the inside with gloss white paint to make it feel bigger and brighter and after much debate decided on gold confetti dots for the walls. With fabric selected from my stash curtains were made and hung, and on a lucky trip to the garden centre Mr L spotted the perfect little table for the corner, just the place to put his milkshakes! We made a chalkboard using plywood and chalkboard paint, and raided the Christmas decorations for the felt and star garlands. Then just when I though the cubby was finally finished Mr L decided that it was missing just one thing, it needed a rug. So using a combination of green and cream cotton I have had laying around for far too long I set about crocheting the perfect little cubby house rug.

We couldn’t be happier with the results, not only is the cubby a pleasure to look at it is filled with memories of a wonderful summer. But best of all keeps the children occupied and playing together for endless hours, as I’m sure it will continue to do for years to come.



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