Project Patchwork Baby’s Pram Makeover

It was the Christmas before last that Baby joined our family as Miss O’s constant companion. She arrived on Christmas morning in a beautiful wicker pram, and she was perfect. Soft and cuddly, just the right size for little Miss O’s baby hands and smelling sweetly of vanilla. The Man in Red got things right that year!

There was just one thing wrong, Baby’s pram was beautiful though her bedding was just a bit drab. With my plans for Miss O’s quilt in the works I decided there was no option other than to make a mini quilt for Baby to match her best friends. With a little help from Miss O fabrics were selected from my Liberty stash and within a couple of days Baby’s pram had received a full makeover. And Miss O couldn’t be happier with the results!

The quilt itself is fully hand pieced and quilted, using Liberty Tana Lawn, cotton/bamboo batting and handmade Liberty bias binding to finish it off. The matching mattress was made with more Liberty Tana Lawn, and filled with 6 layers of the same batting used in the quilt itself, for the cushion I used a few of the left over hexagons to add some detail, for the finishing touches I crocheted a miniature version of Miss O’s blanket and weaved some scrap Tana Lawn through the holes in the hood of the pram. Only the best for Baby.



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