Project Patchwork and my love affair with Liberty Fabric


My obsession with Liberty fabrics began a couple of years back whilst on a trip to Tessuti Fabrics in Melbourne. I had barely touched a sewing machine since high school at that point but I was in love…. I needed the fabric, and a project. Luckily for me I was pregnant with Miss O at the time and had the perfect excuse, she needed a quilt. So after some quick iPhone research I was walking out with a lovely stash of Liberty, and my love of Liberty fabrics and quilting was born!

Two years on and I’m onto my biggest project yet, a quilt made up of 1 inch hexagons, almost 2500 in total. All Liberty of course! My goal is to finish before Miss O moves to her big girl bed, though truthfully I’ll be happy to finish before her 21st!


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